Men and Intimacy, Real Talk… Real Answers

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Author Therez Fleetwood, explores the complexities of relationships through the minds of men who give real, no holds barred answers to the questions that women want to ask.  Men and Intimacy, Real Talk. Real Answers provides insight into the way men think. The statements presented in this book are uncut, complete, raw and emotional.

Over fifty men, between the ages of thirty and sixty, answer intimate questions pertaining to women, relationships, sex, love, cheating, and pornography. The men share their voices and their viewpoints to offer us untapped information in which most of them have never openly revealed before.

This book is for women seeking to understand why men do the things they do when it comes to intimacy-related acts.  It will help men find their voice of self-expression as they read and connect with the different answers provided by this diverse group whose statements may resemble their own.

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 – What is Intimacy to Men?

Chapter 2 – Men Feel Love Too

Chapter 3 – What’s Important to Men?

Chapter 4 – Men and Communication

Chapter 5 – Do Men Really Want Intimacy?

Chapter 6 – Men Understanding Women

Chapter 7 – What Men Find Sexy in a Woman

Chapter 8 – Can He Be Loyal?

Chapter 9 – Can Women Strengthen Men?

Chapter 10 – Pain Men Feel After a Breakup

Chapter 11 – Why Men Talk During Sex?

Chapter 12 – Why Women Stop Having Sex

Chapter 13 – Why Men Watch Porn

Chapter 14 – Do Men get Bored with Sex?

Chapter 15 – Men’s Last Words