Black Men and Intimacy – Voices From Across The Diaspora


by Therez Fleetwood

There are countless books on men and relationships that analyze and interpret men’s feelings about intimacy from a clinical or therapeutic approach. However, there are few books that actually highlight Black men’s points of view on intimacy in a raw, impactful, and inspiring way. 

Black Men and Intimacy; Voices From Across the Diaspora explores the complexities of relationships through the minds of men who give real, no holds barred answers to the questions all women want to ask.

This book is not a theoretical analysis of Black men overall, nor is it written to stereotype or categorize Black men. This book is a compilation of personal one-on-one interviews with men sharing their opinions based on their own life experiences.

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A work long overdue
This book is long overdue. It directly addresses the one issue that has led to a continuous strain on intimate relationships between Black Men and Black Women, no one is listening to the Black Man’s voice. This book is the voice of Black Men across the diaspora. Now the subject that once pointed at the faults of Black Men becomes a clear revelation of their nature throughout the pages of this magnificent book. Its a major page-turner and it dares to change perspectives. I love it.

Intimacy is Into Me I See…Great book…
Reviewed in the United States on September 11, 2020
This is a great book that is really needed ..Intimacy is Into Me I See…and THEREZ Fleetwood does a great job getting into the heart of the men she interviews with no fluff…  just raw unfiltered truth. This book I believe will inspire you to have a deeper connection with your partner that can help both partners to evolve into a more loving and authentic relationship. In all the getting get understanding. This book will help women understand men on a deeper level and will help men to understand what it takes to have a more intimate relationship with their lady. – Focusman

A page-turner!!!!
A page-turner! It’s eye-opening to read what Black men really think, and how they are really feeling!!!
I appreciate the realities the men shared in this book. I especially appreciate the fact that the information that was shared came from so many different perspectives and five different generations of men. The best part of the book for me was when the men talked about communication, their needs, and their desires, and what they really need from a woman. This is an excellent resource book, especially if you keep finding yourself hitting a wall relating to your man. This is a great investment for any woman who really wants to know the truth of how Black men really think. – Jalessa

A concise, brilliant, and important book on Black men’s relationships with Black women.
And now comes Therez Fleetwood a charming sophisticate, who is the new authority on Black men and women’s relationships. Her book, Black men and Intimacy, Real Talk, Real Answers offered up the souls of Black men and their truth to Black women. Therez’s new book, Black men and Intimacy, brings Black men’s souls and love of Black women to you, as a love offering. A Book that will answer every question you have about your Black man. A must-read!!!! – Tony Rose

Beautifully written
I think us having a black man’s perspective on love and life helps mold the direction for better relationships with our Black men. – Libra J. Hicks

Very insightful
The hype around this book has been unquestionable and, admittedly, that made me both eager to get my hands on it and excited to read it! Getting so many perspectives from other men help me understand that I’m not alone in my thinking regarding relationships. Thank you for writing this book and the words, thoughts, and desires of black men when it comes to relationships. – Gregory Lee

Black men and Intimacy tells all and explains all through 50 different black men’s eyes
A must-read.. always wanted to know what Black men think about intimacy and the love for our women? Well here you go, Blackmen and Intimacy is the recipe book that tells all and explains all through 50 different black men’s eyes. Therez Fleetwood once again is brilliant in her writing and capturing the essence of the subject matter. Buy your copy today. – Gregory Lee

“…it inspired me to have more intimate conversations with my husband.”

I truly enjoyed reading about the perspectives of the different men, and it inspired me to have more intimate conversations with my husband. 🤗 – Miracle Sims

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