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Call it Ken-do attitude. “I started dressing my Barbie dolls when I was 10 years old,” bridal designer Therez Fleetwood, who’d go on to create the only Afrocentric costumes ever worn by Mickey and Minnie Mouse at Walt Disney World, tells Wealthy Sistas host Deborah Hardnett. “So my mother sent me to sewing school. But I wasn’t a big fan of that, and quit after three months. Then my mother bought me a sewing machine, but I didn’t do anything with it for about three years. Then something hit me and I took it out one day and started sewing non-stop. I’ve been at it ever since.” –

Mood Boards

Your wedding… your way! There are no set rules when it comes to planning your wedding. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, so let your creativity shine through! Let this day be all about your vision. Have fun! Be creative!  Create a Mood Board that reflects your vision, and then bring this vision to life!


Kenya – Maasai Inspired
Tribal motifs. Beaded collars and jewelry. Bright red accents.


Mint and Burgundy – Asian Vibes


Moroccan Inspired
Gold Trim and Vibrant Colors!

In-to-me-see Cards

The Difference Between A $400 & $4,000 Wedding Dress

As a bespoke wedding gown company, our gowns start at $2,500. We often get contacted by clients whose budgets are much less than our starting price.  Although we wish I could cater to every bride who loves Therez Fleetwood’s bridal designs, the reality is that we simply can not.  The reason why our gown prices start at $2,500 is because we only use the best quality materials and production process for each and every dress.


The Comparison between a $400 dress and a $4,000 dress;

*All Therez Fleetwood gowns are custom made according to each bride’s specifications.
They are not mass produced in Asia.

*Therez Fleetwood uses 100% silk fabrics for every dress.
We do not use any synthetic fibers.

*Therez Fleetwood hand-beads every dress one bead at a time.
We do not glue beads onto our dress or use steam pressed appliques.

*Therez Fleetwood creates structured bodices with boning and support.
We do not make dresses without the proper bodice support.

*Therez Fleetwood pays her seamstresses fair price according to industry standards.
We do not use child labor.

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The Difference Between A $400 & $2,500+ Wedding Dress

400 dress 2500 dressimage2

How to Keep the Intimacy Flames Burning After You Say “I Do”


black bride 4

We all have a deep biological need to develop real intimacy.  It may be subliminal or may be on the surface. Often we are not even aware that we need it.  Our souls yearn for real intimacy with others because we are designed to connect. Get the online magazine and READ MORE…

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“After the Aisle” – We have said “I Do” … now what?

Physical Intimacy / Emotional Intimacy / Spiritual Intimacy / 12 ways to improve intimacy


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therez fleetwood survey of historic costume 2

Did you know Therez Fleetwood’s designs are featured in the fashion text book use by college students today! – The SURVEY OF HISTORIC COSTUME, A History of Western Dress (Editions 1 thru 5). 

therez fleetwood survey of historic costume 4


therez fleetwood survey of historic costume 3

Colorful kente cloth patterns, like this printed fabric from Senegal, were being incorporated into the highly original designs by many African-American designers.  These dresses were created by Therez Fleetwood for PheZula 1n 1993.

Therez Fleetwood, Phe-Zula Collection 1

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Therez Fleetwood Trivia: Did You Know…?

Did you know it was Therez Fleetwood who designed the kente cloth costumes for Mickey and Minnie Mouse in Disney World Florida? These designs were created exclusively for the Miss Black Collegiate pageant back in 1998. Her designs are now a part of Mickey and Minnie’s 150 Special Occasion outfits. It is the only time the Disney corporation allowed an outside designer to design for their icons.  Way to go, Ms. Fleetwood! #MakingHistory

mickey and minnie therez fleetwood 1Designer Therez Fleetwood at the Walt Disney World costume department in Orlando Florida in 1998.


mickey and minnie 1

mickey and minnie 2

mickey and minnie 3

mickey and minnie 4


mickey and minnie therez fleetwood 2Walt Disney World Essence magazine advertising. 

Gorgeous Cowrie Shell Adorned Wedding Dresses!

therez fleetwood cowrie shells 2MAKEDA wedding dress – natural silk dupioni and hand-sewn cowrie shells.

cowrie shells

The ever popular cowrie shell has many uses and meanings. It has shown up in the form of money, jewelry, and religious accessories in almost every part of the world. Found in the islands of the Indian Ocean, the cowrie shell soon gained popularity throughout much of ancient Africa.

zariZARI wedding dress – light blue double silk satin bustier dress with front slit, hand-sewn cowrie shells and Swarovski pearls.

cowrie shells

Its influence, however, also spread to China, where it was used as a form of currency to such an extent that the Chinese used its shape to form their pictograph for money! Today excavations have found some of the money of ancient China in the form of brass and silver cowrie shells. Wherever the cowrie shells were found, it seems as if it has been symbolized. 

therez fleetwood cowrie shells 1TYEKA wedding dress – silk shantung sheath dress with cut-out sides, front slit and hand-sewn cowrie shells.

cowrie shells

Spiritually, according to African legend, if you are attracted to cowrie shells you could be family to an ocean spirit of wealth and earth. It also represents Goddess protection which is very powerful and connected with the strength of the ocean. Throughout Africa, and South and North America, the cowrie symbolized the power of destiny and prosperity. Thought of as the mouth of Orsisas, it also is believed to have taught stories of humility and respect. 

therez fleetwood melodyMELODY wedding dress – silk taffeta empire waist dress with hand-sewn cowrie shells.

cowrie shells

However you interpret these beautiful white shells, they are a fascinating, unique addition to your wardrobe. Whether used in jewelry, or in crafts, or in any other use you can imagine, these shells are sure to add an exotic feel of Africa and make an excellent, one of a kind, fashion statement.

amaliaAMALIA wedding dress – silk shantung ballgown with hand-painted pearlized cowrie shells.

cowrie shells

therez fleetwood cowrie shells 3ASHA wedding dress – silk brocade two-piece dress with hip-hugging straight skirt and natural cowrie shells.

cowrie shells

zaharaZAHARA wedding dress – double silk satin sheath dress with cut-out sides, trumpet hemline,  hand-painted cowrie shells and Swarovski pearls.

cowrie shells

therez fleetwood cowrie shells aminaAMINA wedding dress – silk shantung dress with peplum top, straight skirt , detachable train, and hand-painted pearlized cowrie shells.

cowrie shells

therez fleetwood cowrie shells neemaNEEMA wedding dress – silk chiffon and crepe de chine empire waist dress with hand-sewn cowrie shells and Swarovski pearls.

cowrie shells

therez fleetwood cowrie shells nandiNUBUSHE wedding dress – silk shantung dress with peplum top, straight skirt, detachable train, and hand-sewn cowrie shells.


Article from – “The Meaning and History of the Cowrie Shell” –