The Harlem Renaissance empowered artists to express pride in black life and identity, challenging inequality and discrimination. Through their work, they reshaped narratives, bridging the gap between prejudice and identity, and their contributions laid the foundation for the growth of African American art for decades.

Drawing inspiration from eight visual artists of the Harlem Renaissance, this museum-inspired fashion collection embodies a cultural movement through both fashion and artistic expression. Therez Fleetwood skillfully merges traditional folk-art craftsmanship with contemporary flair, weaving compelling narratives into each meticulously crafted garment. Using silk, wool, cotton, and jute as her canvases, she employs meticulously crafted felt fabric appliques, patchwork, and quilting techniques in place of traditional paint, creating a stunning fusion of history and modernity.

All Fashion-Art coats are custom-tailored to your specific Size Specifications. Each coat is meticulously handcrafted according to your exact measurements. All orders require  a preliminary muslin fitting with the designer. Delivery lead time: 2-3 months 

Breakfast for Madame
Card Game
The 2nd Generation
Dream 02
Madonna 2