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Every dress is elaborately handmade just for you!

Your one-of-a-kind wedding dresses – we custom make each and every wedding dress for you!  We only use the highest quality materials and trims.  Your dress will fit just right, no matter your size or shape, or and even location… because we ship world-wide!

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Therez Fleetwood, the designer for TMF Couture, has been designing and creating bespoke bridal and evening gowns for celebrities, brides and clients across the United States as well as internationally for over twenty years. Most clients who order gowns from Therez Fleetwood do so because of the uniqueness of her designs. The sophisticated styling, creative beadwork and her exotic design esthetic are the signature key elements that each dress possesses. When ordering garments online and having them custom made,  here are a few things to consider;
1. Your input is utilized – You tell us what your needs are. What areas of your body you want to enhance the areas of your body you want to conceal..
2. No style limitations –we can combine elements of several dresses to create your unique wedding gown.
3. Choice of fabrics, trims and colors – you can order the dress in your favorite color, customize trims and change fabrics.
4. No extra charges – the price you are quoted remains
5. Shopping time shortened – You can have a gown created for you in a style that’s perfect for you and searching for that ideal gown won’t take up precious hours. No endless hours of shopping around for gowns that don’t speak to your individuality.
6. Proper fit – . Your best assets will be accentuated and the others will be minimized. We create the gown with exact measurements even if you fall between 2 or 3 sizes. Your best assets will be accentuated and the others will be minimized.
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Creating a Therez Fleetwood Couture gown involves the process of designing, patternmaking, draping, and expertly constructing your wedding gown. Each wedding gown is handmade and requires 100’s of hours to complete, so we pay meticulous attention to each and every detail to create your wedding gown. The process begins after you have made your gown selection, your measurements are received and your order has been processed.
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Cutting, Sewing, Beading, Embroidery & Appliqués
We carefully select high quality fabric and trims to create every dress. Your gown is then cut in the fabric of your choice. All our dresses are fully lined and structured to hold their shape and flatter your figure. Some of our dresses are framed with a crinoline netting to emphasis your shape and silhouette.
Adding beadwork, embroidery and appliqués to a dress takes great skill and an eye for detailed design. Our professional dressmakers spend many hours sewing on beads and appliqués to perfect an elegant and unique design for you. Our dresses feature exquisite embellishments brought to life from the hands of our dress makers.
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Quality Check:
Once your gown is complete we add any final touches and or alterations and then perform a detailed quality check.
Your dress is then packaged, in a sturdy box, along with a wedding garment bag and shipped to you via Fed/Ex ground.
The actual lead time for each wedding dress can be anywhere from three to six months. Production lead-times depend on the construction and workmanship of each dress. We advise ordering the dresses with as much lead time necessary before your wedding or event date to allow time for transportation and any alterations that may be needed after you receive your dress.
Rush orders:
Are you getting married in less then 3 months,  no worries…. we can accommodate you!   There will be a “Rush Fee” added to your order.  Contact us for the fees associated with lead-times of three months or less.
Prices start at $2.500.00 per dress depending on the workmanship and amount of hours it takes to create your design. You do have the ability to modify the style, length material, color and beadwork in any way. There will be additional fees applied these some modifications. You can contact us at or by phone at 214.815.9325 with any questions that you may have.
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