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Tomeekha & Rasta

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Bride: Tomeekha Pitre
Groom: Rasta Asaru Escott El
Wedding Gown Style: Babwe by Therez Fleetwood
Location: The Sunset Restaurant in Malibu, CA
Photographer: T. Photography (
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 Did you have a certain style in mind when you started your search for a dress?   Yes, I knew I wanted it to reflect Africa, Art, and Me.  I was looking for Ethnic wedding gowns that were outside of the traditional white gowns.
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What made you decide on your Therez Fleetwood gown?   The spirits of our Ancestors kept leading me to the Babwe gown.  I dreamed of it when I slept.  When I visualized meeting my husband at the alter, I was in the Therez Fleetwood Babwe gown.  It was also the perfect compliment of the sky, ocean, and sand.
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How did you accessorize to make your wedding day outfit unique?   To be honest, I totally forgot about my accessories (lol).  But, again, the ancestors had my our back.  To my surprise, the morning of the wedding one of my best friends came up to the room with a neck piece that my carved and made for me.  It was made our of Lucite and the carving was that of fertility and love.  Then right before my bridesmaid’s were about to walk down… the wife of my husband’s elder creator and mentor took my right arm and placed another hand carved Lucite bangle with an Ankh on it.  My earrings were gold ones that had I wore the day before and was all I had.  Everything fell into perfect place.  I choose to wear sandals and found the perfect pair of chandelier sandals.
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What was the inspiration or theme for your wedding?   The beach, barefoot on the sand, and the fact that we were having a traditional Kemetic African Ceremony was the inspiration for the theme.
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Did your gown style relate to any other design elements of the wedding?   Oh yes…. the cowrie shells, the color, and the patchwork.  All related to the 12 symbols of life portion of our ceremony as well as the alter items.
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What was your favorite part of the day?   My favorite part of that day saying our vows.  Guest told us that dolphins were dancing behind us as we were saying our vows.  That is very special.
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What tips do you have for new brides picking out their wedding dress?    Go with your gut, if there is any part of your wedding planning that you splurge or go over budget on, it should be your gown.  TRUST ME… I now know the meaning of the perfect dress.  It makes all the difference.  Also, make sure that you have a connection with the dress.  It will speak to you, even when you’re trying forget it.  You can’t.
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What special elements did you include into your wedding to make it special?   We included African drummers, African dancers, a full alter set up with offerings to the ancestors.


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