The Difference Between A $400 & $4,000 Wedding Dress

As a bespoke wedding gown company, our gowns start at $2,500. We often get contacted by clients whose budgets are much less than our starting price.  Although we wish I could cater to every bride who loves Therez Fleetwood’s bridal designs, the reality is that we simply can not.  The reason why our gown prices start at $2,500 is because we only use the best quality materials and production process for each and every dress.


The Comparison between a $400 dress and a $4,000 dress;

*All Therez Fleetwood gowns are custom made according to each bride’s specifications.
They are not mass produced in Asia.

*Therez Fleetwood uses 100% silk fabrics for every dress.
We do not use any synthetic fibers.

*Therez Fleetwood hand-beads every dress one bead at a time.
We do not glue beads onto our dress or use steam pressed appliques.

*Therez Fleetwood creates structured bodices with boning and support.
We do not make dresses without the proper bodice support.

*Therez Fleetwood pays her seamstresses fair price according to industry standards.
We do not use child labor.

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The Difference Between A $400 & $2,500+ Wedding Dress

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