Features, Interviews – 2018/10/10

Behind every successful woman is other successful women helping her to look and feel like the best version of herself. A couple weeks ago, AfricanFuturist extraordinaire Nnedi Okorafor made her red carpet debut at the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards, where she and Executive Producer George R. R. Martin, promoted her upcoming HBO series, Who Fears Death, based on her award-winning book.

She walked the red carpet in a stunning silk dress adorned in hand-painted art. Knowing Nnedi’s affinity for incorporating art into her fashion, we had to dig deeper into the story behind this wearable work of art.
The dress was designed by Therez Fleetwood. An established stylist, she has dressed the likes of Angela Bassett, Vanessa Williams, and Yolanda Adams, and others. As for the beautiful print on the dress, it was hand-painted by artist V. Kottavei Williams.
We spoke with both women at length about the vision behind Okorafor’s Emmys dress and their thoughts on fashion, science fiction, and black femininity.

“When this dress was designed, we were inspired to pay homage to the strength, creativity, passion and beauty of women. The women that Nnedi writes about in her books all encompass these qualities. It was like the universe aligned us all in this perfect creative collaboration.” – READ MORE