Fashion Designer, Therez Fleetwood and Visual Artist Kottavei

African futurist extraordinaire Nnedi Okorafor made her red carpet debut at the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards.

Novelist Nnedi Okorafor made her red carpet debut at the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards, where she promoted her upcoming HBO series, Who Fears Death, based on her award-winning book.

Therez Fleetwood, goofing around on set with model Tiffani Green.

Hand-painted by visual artist V. Kottevai on silk gown made by Therez Fleetwood.

Pink Ribbon Fashion Art Couture

Fashion designer, Therez Fleetwood.

FashionArt dress on display at Nordstrom, Atlanta GA

Fashion Art Fusion

Art Meso Exhibit 2018 – “Truly in bloom, inspired by saturated color and personal growth. Women oftentimes gather in clusters reaching towards the nourishing sun much like sunflowers. The women themselves are the seeds planted that grow with proper tending.”

“Even when tame, women are wild, succulent and come in a variety much like the huge leaves overtaking jungles. She alone becomes part sky, part earth, part leaf, part feral and very much a part of the landscape. Almost hidden in plain view.”

“Milk thistle is not only a weed but lauded for its powerful medicinal properties. Tough beautiful on the surface with its soft purple flower blooms its beauty is superseded by its healing properties. Such are women in sameness.”

Visual Artist, Kottavei, (on right) at the Art Meso Exhibit 2018

“Often underestimated mushrooms grow mostly underground and stay close to the ground even when they break through. Much of the work women do is done quietly, invisibly and close to the ground, however, we are the support system for all of the wonder that happens around us.”