Bespoke Dolls

Doll Collectors today, are still cherishing these collectibles and it is Therez Fleetwood who is creating custom couture fashion doll designs as heirloom gifts that collectors can enjoy.  Brides can now capture the essence of their wedding gown attire with miniature doll keepsakes.

With just the aid of a photograph, these exquisite one of a kind dolls are designed to not only look like the bride in skin tone and hair style, but are dressed in a handcrafted replica of the pictured dress.  All gowns are hand-crafted and made from natural fibers including silk, cotton and wool. They are fully lined and adorned with a variety of gorgeous beads, trims and Swarovski crystals.

These miniature gowns are created with the same amount of care, craftsmanship and pride that go into each of Therez Fleetwood’s couture gowns. These designer dolls make perfect gifts and can be passed down from generation to generation.

New York, NY – groom surprised bride with 25th wedding anniversary gift

Brussels, Belgium – husband surprised his wife with anniversary gift. Original dress design by Therez Fleetwood

Brooklyn, NY – 1st anniversary wedding gift to bride from her husband.

Bride and her doll on her wedding day. New York City.

3rd anniversary wedding gift to the bride from her husband.

Wedding gift to the bride from a guest, given to her on her wedding day, Atlanta, GA.

A surprise anniversary gift to the bride from her husband.

The bride ordered her doll at the same time she ordered her wedding dress. Doll and dress by Therez Fleetwood.

The bride ordered her doll as a gift to herself.

Meticulously Crafted. Hand Sewn. Attention to Details. One-of-a-Kind. Superior Quality.
Made to Order.