Books by Therez Fleetwood

Men and Intimacy, Real Talk. Real Answers

The Intimate Playhouse Publishing – (ISBN#9780996832502)

Author, Therez Fleetwood, explores the complexities of relationships through the minds of men who give real, no holds barred answers to the questions that women want to ask. Men and Intimacy, Real Talk. Real Answers provides insight into the way men think. The statements presented in this book are uncut, complete, raw and emotional.

Over fifty men, between the ages of thirty and sixty, answer intimate questions pertaining to women, relationships, sex, love, cheating, and pornography. The men share their voices and their viewpoints to offer us untapped information in which most of them have never openly revealed before.

This book is for women seeking to understand why men do the things they do when it comes to intimacy-related acts. It will help men find their voice of self-expression as they read and connect with the different answers provided by this diverse group whose statements may resemble their own.

The Afrocentric Bride, A Style Guide

Amber Books Publishing, (ISBN# 978-0972751919)

Featuring the Therez Fleetwood Bridal Collection, THE AFROCENTRIC BRIDE offers valuable information, styling tips and fashion advice for every bride of color who wants to look and feel her best. Gowns, beads, fashions, headpieces, jewelry and more . . . Ms. Fleetwood creates her bridal collection with the African-American bride in mind. In THE AFROCENTRIC BRIDE she shares her secrets on how to create an Afrocentric gown by using fabrics imported from Africa, adorning it with cowrie shells, embroidering and quilting it with natural colors and fibers, as well as wearing your favorite soft pastel shade or a wonderful vibrant red.

How to Create the Ultimate Night of Romance

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Date nights are meant to create romance and passion between you and your spouse or partner. They give you time to get away from the daily grind and reconnect as lovers in an intimate and meaningful way. Luxury Romance Concierge understands that sometimes couples get stuck in a romantic rut that causes your love life to suffer. Show your partner that romance is still a priority. This ebook will help you reignite your date nights by trying something new.

In this book, you will learn how to;

*Understand Your Partner’s Romantic Needs
*How To Make Romance A Priority
*How To Create A Romantic Atmosphere
… and Much More!