The Difference Between A $400 & $4,000 Wedding Dress

As a bespoke wedding gown company, our gowns start at $2,500. We often get contacted by clients whose budgets are much less than our starting price.  Although we wish I could cater to every bride who loves Therez Fleetwood’s bridal designs, the reality is that we simply can not.  The reason why our gown prices start at $2,500 is because we only use the best quality materials and production process for each and every dress.


The Comparison between a $400 dress and a $4,000 dress;

*All Therez Fleetwood gowns are custom made according to each bride’s specifications.
They are not mass produced in Asia.

*Therez Fleetwood uses 100% silk fabrics for every dress.
We do not use any synthetic fibers.

*Therez Fleetwood hand-beads every dress one bead at a time.
We do not glue beads onto our dress or use steam pressed appliques.

*Therez Fleetwood creates structured bodices with boning and support.
We do not make dresses without the proper bodice support.

*Therez Fleetwood pays her seamstresses fair price according to industry standards.
We do not use child labor.

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The Difference Between A $400 & $2,500+ Wedding Dress

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Miniature Wedding Dress Replicas – Custom Made

Perfectly capture that special moment for generations to come with a customized keepsake doll that replicates you or a loved on in her beautiful wedding dress!  A special gift for a new bride, a special anniversary, or simply a special keepsake as a reminder of a moment when one embraces the love of another. Bride dolls have been given as gifts for many reasons over time, often given as a girl’s “last doll” by her mother, and often given as keepsakes of your very special day.  All miniature doll dress are hand-made.

With just the aid of a photograph, these exquisite one-of-a-kind dolls are designed not only to look like the bride in skin tone and hair style but are dressed in a handcrafted replica of the pictured dress. These true to life handcrafted gowns are made from natural fibers including silk, cotton, and wool and are fully lined and adorned beaded trim and Swarovski crystals.  All custom dolls start at $399.

Therez Fleetwood dolls 14


Therez Fleetwood dolls 15

Therez Fleetwood doll keepsake 1

Therez Fleetwood doll keepsake 2

Therez Fleetwood doll keepsake 3

Therez Fleetwood doll keepsake 4

Therez Fleetwood doll keepsake 5

Therez Fleetwood doll keepsake 6

Therez Fleetwood doll keepsake 7

Therez Fleetwood doll keepsake 8

Therez Fleetwood doll keepsake 9

Therez Fleetwood doll keepsake 10

Therez Fleetwood doll keepsake 11

Therez Fleetwood dolls 16